Innovative. Unexpected. 

Jessica’s most popular workshops include: 

Fake it Until You Make It: Tackling imposter syndrome through faking confidence

Professional Relationships: Navigating rumors, name calling and difficult people. 

Leadership and Storytelling: How leaders can use the three act story structure to tell compelling stories that provide motivation and direction.

Women and Military Service: A personal presentation that offers young men and women insight into work/life balance and managing a family with Army life.  

Leadership is about Trust: The best leaders build trust. But what is trust and how do we build it? 

Leading in the Era of Fake News: Conspiracy theories and fake news are dominating daily life. Learn how framing can dramatically influence others while allowing others to save face. 

Difficult Conversations: From gay marriage to Civil War statues, conversational land mines are everywhere. This workshop focuses on using humor to draw people together before tackling seemingly impossible conversations. 

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